Design to Sell, Planning

Unit 12 – week 6

This week I visited Adeline from Red River Waldorf once again. I had several meetings with her during which we discussed the purpose and audience of my video.
Adeline says that she would like the video, to answer the questions of interested parents, who she does not have the time to meet with indervidually. She wants it to educate and inspire parents in educating their child, as well as set a standard and understanding of Red River and how it is run.
From these meetings I took notes. I believe it is very important to meet my client’ requests and there fore asked her to also write down anything she thought was particularly important. She wrote me this: 

I also asked her if she would be comphortable with me recording her voice as a narration. From my researching of other videos which are designed for the same audience, I have noticed that this format, being so full of information more like a documentary than a promo, needs a narration to carry it through.

This kind of commercial video, for a very particular audience, is not unlike the work I did for Liskeard book shop. The audience is already interested by the time that they view the video, the job of the finished film is to educate the cooperate situation, rather than entice more, new, potential buyers.
Aldelibe agreed to have me record audio of her speaking and composed a list of things to include. I also wrote out this information, so that I might ask questions from other teachers in the form of an interview.

This final sheet is my questions list. It has some interview prompts and reminders: 

Because of this change in my audience I am aware that I may have to re-write my proposal this week. I have also organised some more with Adeline. She asked me to attend on the following dates:


From my meetings I have learned that working for a client can be quite demanding. As a client starts to see how you work and what you are capable of they tend to change their intentions, meaning that any/all of my written work becomes redundant. At this point I have over an hour of footage and now that the purpose of the video is changed a lot of that is less necessary, instead I now have to record meetings/interviews with teachers from the schools in a question and answer format.

However this change of plan does mean that my video, (no longer being a promo) is not going to be in the public eye and therefore I no longer have to consign myself with ‘ofstead’ regulations and parental consent for filming the children. Instead, my film will feature children from the school who have all ready completed film and photo consent for in house films for educational purposes.

Adeline assures me that consent for video is wholly her responsibility now and will be discussed with the comity and trusties of the school. So now I can begin my editing as soon as I get back to college after my October reading week.

Outside of college I have been working more with Michelle from ‘The Book Shop’ Liskeard. She asked for me to film and edit a book festival for her, however I had already committed to filming at red River that same weekend. So I was forced to turn her down and instead organised with a peer from my class to film for her. Ben Cohen filmed for the whole of the weekend excellently and Michelle has been over joyed with his and my professionalisation. Ben is now working on the footage with my support. Michelle has been a wonderful connection for my to gain and has already helped me to find multiple different film jobs. I see now how one opens the door to freelance film work. Knowing the right people seems to set you well ahead of anyone else.

The festival have sent their chosen music to Ben, (a piece of live music which was performed by local artists at the event) and he is in good contact with Michelle also.



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